5 Nov 19

CARA General Assembly: data sharing high on the agenda

As is customary since a couple of years, the European Car Remarketing Association held its general assembly the day before the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum  which this year takes place in Estoril, Portugal.

A proud chairman, Wolfgang Reinhold welcomed more than 40 members from across Europe. The novices presented their businesses to the initiates. Their activities mainly revolve around data collection and exchange to prevent fraud and increase transparancey across the remarketing supply chain. A chain of a different kind is taking center stage in the remarketing flow and cross-border transport arena: blockchain. It enables safe and standardised data sharing as well as a trustworthy digitised CMR.

And that is what CARA's deliverables are about: ensuring right mileage and advocating the use of the e-CMR. "Correct mileage evolves to 'Who will be the car data owner and who will have access'," Wolfgang Reinhold explained. "CARA will work upon this deliverable, taking into account 3 possible scenarios: the OEM or closed data scenario, the Provider scenario - in which the leasing company or data provider is owner and has access, or an Open market scenario where everybody has access". CARA esteems the Provider scenario is the most probable.

As to the e-CMR, it will make the cross-boarder administration much more efficient, cost-friendly and transparent. Ratification has taken place already in 12 European countries, with Germany still in a legal conundrum and hence an ongoing project for CARA.





Authored by: Dieter Quartier