18 Nov 20

Cars2Click wins Fleet Europe Remarketing Award

The Fleet Europe Car Remarketing Award was presented to Brian Madsen, International Director of Cars2Click for AI Maria. This is an AI solution consisting of two components: GEOpricing, a system that identifies price, demand and volume and GEOmatch, for buyer profiling.

The award celebrates innovation in vehicle remarketing and was presented by David Baudeweyns, Sales Director, Nexus Communication, the publishing company behind media Fleet Europe.

"Cars2Click only started in February 2019 and today we are in 13 countries and expanding. We have an interesting journey behind and in front of us," said Brian Alves Madsen of Cars2Click during the online Fleet Europe Awards ceremony.

GEOpricing is a tool that can identify the price, demand and volume of any specific car to a level of detail including equipment and even colour. Maria can identify in which country a car can be sold for the best price and calculate the B2B price excluding VAT and excluding the cost of refurbishment and transport.

GEOmatch is a tool that can be used for driver profiling. Cars2Click believes GEOpricing and GEOmatch allow sellers to sell their cars in one day, saving both time and most likely yielding a higher price.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck