21 Dec 18

COTW innovations make bidding ‘more exciting’

CarsOnTheWeb (COTW) has launched a number of functions to make the process of online bidding on used-car auctions even more exciting – and successful.
COTW prides itself on pioneering innovation in online auctions of used cars. In that spirit, the Belgium-based online remarketing specialist implemented a User Experience (UX) project that introduces a few changes to the online platform. These changes will enhance the online experience of the registered car dealers across Europe and beyond that constitute its customer base.

Seller score
The COTW platform now includes a seller score, offering maximum transparency to buyers.

The seller score is based on objective criteria that are relevant to the needs of COTW’s customers. Sellers that want to increase their score can do so by adding detail to their vehicle descriptions, being quicker to accept the highest bid in an auction, or by delivering vehicles faster after payment has been received. 

Price barometer
The platform now also includes a price barometer, which largely eliminates the insecurity of bidding, thus maximising the potential for profitable bids.   
Since not all cars on the auction platform have fixed prices, buyers may be unsure whether their bid has a reasonable chance of success. The colour-coded price barometer will show low bids in the red zone, average bids in the yellow zone and high bids in the green zone.

Price indicator
Another COTW innovation is a consumer market price indicator, showing the average prices of car models in local markets. 

Since many of the buyers are looking to acquire vehicles outside their own home markets, an indication of the average prices in those markets is a handy instrument for them.

Image: COTW Headquarters

Authored by: Frank Jacobs