16 Apr 20

COVID-19: vehicle inspections and repairs go contactless

Whatever difficulties you throw at it, life will find a way forward – and so will the fleet and mobility industry. Here are two examples of companies tweaking their existing solutions to fit the needs of the times: vehicle inspection specialist WeProov and damage handling platform Fixico now offer 'contactless' solutions.

Vehicle inspection specialist WeProov has developed WeProov Go – a solution designed to fulfil the vehicle inspection needs of the automotive, fleet and insurance industries in these exceptional times.

48-hour window
WeProov Go allows professional customers to carry out 'contactless' vehicle inspections. The main difference with the 'classic' WeProov solution – a smartphone app which enables self-inspection – is that WeProov Go provides a 48-hour window to perform the inspections. 

Companies can send their customers text messages for any type of inspection (damage statement, remote car rental) or claim reporting (automotive, real estate, water damage, break-ins). The customers get a code they can use to carry out the inspection, according to previously-agreed parameters. The inspection is completed when the customers send in a time-stamped, geo-located and certified report by email. 

This way of 'contactless' working allows companies to perform the vehicle inspections necessary to maintain the maximum level of economic activity that is possible in during the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, WeProov Go is ideally suited for medical staff, emergency services and other essential personnel who need to do an inspection of the rental car then have to pick up, for instance. 

Contactless repairs
Car damage handling platform Fixico has also adapted to the new situation. The company already offered end-to-end and fully digital car damage handling process, connected to one of Europe's largest independent high-quality repair networks.

The leap to a platform that was totally compliant with current requirements for social distancing, was relatively easy. Via Fixico's digital web app, drivers in need of damage repair can arrange everything without physical contact:

  • Damage reports are submitted digitally, from the safety and comfort of one's own home.
  • Insurers get an instant price calculation and can request a pay-out if preferred.
  • The repair is scheduled by selecting a preferred date.
  • At the appointed time, strict social distancing policies are in effect.

The result: a fully contactless repair journey. 


Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs