14 Mar 23

Deal between Cars2click and Polestar “will redefine used-car business”

Digital car traders Cars2click have signed an agreement with Polestar, the Sino-Swedish EV manufacturer, to implement a new asset management solution. The End2end Remarketing ECOsystem is the beginning of something big, says Brian Madsen (pictured, Cars2click): “This will redefine how the automotive industry plans, manages and executes their used car business.”

Thanks to the End2end Remarketing ECOsystem, Polestar “is the first OEM to take a real 360-degree view of their used-car business, and this will have a major impact on their RVs, on the TCO of their vehicles, and ultimately also on their new-car sales,” says Brian Madsen, Director International of Cars2click.

Manage and monitor

By combining several solutions into one, the ECOsystem – powered by Cars2click’s AI data factory – redefines end-to-end remarketing, giving Polestar the best possible used-vehicle management solution, says Brian Madsen. 

The ECOsystem gives Polestar the ability to manage and monitor all their vehicles from the day they are sold to the day they are returned and thereafter throughout the entire remarketing process.

Polestar Exchange

For Polestar customers, this translates into Polestar Exchange, a new solution to be added to the OEM’s online retail model. Polestar Exchange allows customers who want to sell their used Polestar car to get an instant valuation. They can then decide to sell the car for that proposed price to Cars2click.

A key element of Polestar Exchange is the guaranteed price on the used car until the next Polestar car is delivered to the seller – even if that delivery is several months into the future.

Supply and demand

Using Car2click’s GEOpricing and advanced market data, Polestar can locate the best balance between supply and demand, thus directing used vehicles towards the markets where they will earn the most money.

Doing this systematically will drive up the value of used Polestar cars, increasing Residual Values and reducing TCO. Ultimately, this will strengthen both the value of the used vehicles, and the value of the Polestar brand.

Global strategy

The Polestar Asset Management ECOsystem was developed specifically for Polestar, using all the used-vehicle asset management elements developed by Cars2click, based on Cars2view AI data and always connected to Cars2click’s B2B Wholesale solution.

“Together with Polestar, we have developed the most advanced end-to-end AI data-driven asset management ECOsystem available in the remarketing business today”, says Brian Madsen. “This takes the used-vehicle business to a new level. We believe this partnership with Polestar will be key to our expansion and our global strategy.”

Image: Cars2click

Authored by: Frank Jacobs