27 Nov 18

Diesel is not dead!

Banning diesels, introducing WLTP, and other diesel restrictions might result in less (old) diesels on the roads overtime, but where are we today, a panel at the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum examined; and moreover, How do we get the current diesel fleet out of the market?

‘Diesel is not dead,’ is the agreement of our panel of experts in the remarketing business. Diesel still represents a significant part of the current fleet in Europe, and even 40% of the new registered vehicles still are driving on diesel.

Lowering prices
Nevertheless, they all see lowering prices of diesel vehicles. “There is a trend of moving away from diesels,” says Sebastian Fuchs, Senior Director Sales & Marketing, Manheim. “However, it is not catastrophic.” 

The degree of shifting away from diesel depends on the particular country; such as the more diesel-restricted Western European countries compared to Eastern European countries, and within Western Europe, there are traditionally more or less diesel-oriented markets. Further on, the price of diesel and petrol cars is set by other market dynamics as well, so it might be tough to draw straight-forward conclusions. 

However, even the traditional diesel countries are experiencing a decreasing amount of diesel cars on the market, according to Fritz Hackl, Board Member of the European Association of International Vehicle Traders (EAIVT). As a result, all parties gave us a brief look as well on how they are adapting some policies to the changing market.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen