13 Sep 19

Diesel residual values will go up again

Bold statement or fact? Find out at the 2019 Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum in Estoril on November 6

Recent research by Emission Analytics shows that the latest Euro 6d-Temp are incomparably cleaner than their Euro 6b predecessors, both in terms of NOx and particulate matter. Indeed, WLTP and RDE have made a real difference as to real-world emissions.

Fleets that banned diesel from their car policy are now asking themselves: should we put diesel back on the table? It still offers a compelling TCO for high-mileage drivers, even though leasing companies have reduced their residual values considerably in response to dieselgate.

The Undeniable Powertrain Truth

Sales of new diesels have gone down, but the demand on the used car market is still there. It therefore stands to reason that diesel RVs will go up again – if authorities indeed agree the fuel has regained its eco credentials.

That is what the first session of the 2019 Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum in Estoril – The Undeniable Powertrain Truth – will revolve around. Mathias Popp, Global VP Testing Services of Business Line Transportation at SGS will kick off with a keynote presentation entitled “The impact of WLTP and new emission regulations on powertrain success”, in which he will give a comprehensive insight into the facts and figures behind WLTP and new emission regulations.   

In his presentation entitled “The Truth about EmissionsMassimo Fedeli, Co-founder and Director of AIR Alliance and Emission Analytics will shed a light on the emissions research his company has done on recent diesels.

And that’s just one of the reasons you should attend the 2019 Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum in Estoril on November 6. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to tap into the knowledge of remarketing industry experts – register now.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier