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28 Sep 18

Discover the first speakers at the Remarketing Forum

Are you dealing with vehicle remarketing in an international setting – or are you interested in learning more about remarketing, RVs, cross-border sales and new remarketing business models? Then this is the event for you: Fleet Europe’s Remarketing Forum, on 27 November in Barcelona. Why, you ask?

Because like a fine wine, these annual forums keep getting better every year (pictured: a full house for the 2017 Remarketing Forum in Estoril). For the 5th edition, Fleet Europe tasked an Advisory Board of remarketing experts to develop a programme focusing on the industry’s most relevant topics. Below is an overview of the event, with the names of some of the confirmed speakers and moderators - all experts in their field, founts of knowledge and thus sources of competitive advantages. 

Absolutely unique

The result is a one-day conference that is absolutely unique in the European remarketing industry in its scope – and its appeal. It is packed to the rafters with exciting content and instructive best practices, under the over-arching theme: How to Stay Successful in the Rapidly Transforming Vehicle Remarketing Environment. 

And indeed, a quick glance at the day’s programme identifies the hot remarketing topics of the moment: 

  • State of the industry

While it’s necessary to focus on our own activities, it’s also essential to keep an overview of the remarketing industry from a European perspective. This keynote will focus on the challenges and opportunities offered by the changing face of remarketing today. 

  • Powertrain evolution

Where are diesel, petrol and the alternative powertrains headed – especially after WLTP? An important question for the automotive sector, but the most crucial one for the remarketing industry.

Marc Odinius, Managing Director of Dataforce, will present a picture of the state and the evolution of the market for diesel, petrol and alternative powertrains.

Dean Bowkett, Managing Director of BAC, will moderate a panel discussion with representatives of major OEMs on the future of diesel and other powertrains.

Alexandrine Breton des Loÿs and Jean-Pierre Gauthier, respectively President and CEO of Argus, will moderate a panel discussion on how suppliers will deal with large volumes of used diesel vehicles entering the market. With the participation of Frederic Van Heems, Group Remarketing Director at ALD, and Sebastian Fuchs, Senior Director Sales and Marketing Europe, RMS Automotive.

Sam Keates, Director of Specifications for Autovista Group, will do a presentation on the impact of WLTP on the automotive industry, focusing on the implications for Residual Values and Remarketing.

Plus further insights from OEMs, lease companies, auctioneers and other stakeholders.

  • Business models

Online auctions are continuing to transform B2B sales. Changes in technology and consumer mentality are providing a boost for BC2, B2E and even C2C sales. Which business models will thrive? Discussions, presentations and case studies provide insight.

Speakers will include experts from eBay and Auto1.

  • Innovation in remarketing

The finalists of the Car Remarketing Award 2018 present their products/services, providing insight into the dynamics of innovation in remarketing.

Jean-Roch Piat, CEO of BCA Europe, will offer a presentation on where innovation – tech-driven, hence both complex and fast-moving - will take the Remarketing industry next.

  • Cross-border sales 

Few topics are as crucial to further growth and profitability of international remarketing as the constant efforts to remove the remaining barriers to cross-border trade within Europe. Expect progress reports and prognoses from both institutional and commercial experts.  

  • Car Remarketing opportunities

And finally, two experts will present their views on the opportunities for the Remarketing industry in the immediate future. 

Wolfgang Reinhold, President of the European Car Remarketing Association (CARA), will share the achievements, insights and forecast of his organisation.

Roland Gagel, Vice President Field Services at SGS and Member of the Board at CARA, will present a progress report on the fight against mileage fraud, from both various national perspectives and an over-arching European one. 

Carefully crafted

While it may be a whole-day event, the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum is carefully crafted to provide participants with ample opportunity to network with each other – as well as interact with the experts on stage. 

The celebratory conclusion to the Forum is a dinner that doubles as the ceremony for the second International Car Remarketing Award, which recognises innovation in the industry. 

As has become tradition, the Remarketing Forum is the opening event of the Fleet Europe Summit, which continues the next day – also leveraging international expertise to provide fleet professionals with opportunities to meet with and learn from each other. 

Click here for the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum’s full programme. Register here

Authored by: Frank Jacobs