20 Nov 18

Fingers crossed for the Remarketing Award!

This year's Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum will close with the second edition of the International Car Remarketing Award. Who will succeed last year's winner, Sebastian Fuchs (RMS Automotive)? Fingers crossed!

For the second year, Fleet Europe looked for the innovative product or service that improves the efficiency and the transparency of the remarketing process.

International scope
It did not matter which type of remarketing specialist offered the product or service: OEM, RV setter, leasing or car rental company, insurance provider, car auctions specialist or refurbishment expert. 

The only requirement was that the business has an international scope or ambition and that the individual or team of professionals have a tool in place that stands out in the field of vehicle remarketing optimisation.

Candidates were able to apply until early September, after which the Fleet Europe Remarketing Jury selected five finalists – who prior to the Awards ceremony will also provide a pitch presentation during the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum itself. 

Five finalists
The five finalists are (company, product/service):

  • BCA with BCA 1Europe Transport

Presentation by Bertrand de Techtermann, EU Operations Director, BCA

  • ExpertEye Consulting with ExpertEye Remarketing Analysis

Presentation by Laurent Queinec, CEO, ExpertEye Consulting

  • Indicata with Indicata Smart Data Warehouse

Presentation by Marcus Nissen, Vice Country Manager, Autorola

  • Manheim with Manheim Express

Presentation by Mike Mosier, Managing Director, Manheim

  • Shelf Network with Shelf Auctioning Network

Presentation by Lasha Antadze, Founder & CEO, Shelf Auctioning Network.

The 2018 International Car Remarketing Award will be presented in the evening of 27 November at a dinner in the Garden of the Fairmont Hotel (pictured) in Barcelona. As was the case last year, this Remarketing Award is made possible by the kind sponsorship of IWS. 

For more on the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum, the wider Fleet Europe Summit and how to register for either (or both), click here

Authored by: Frank Jacobs