3 Mar 23

First Remarketing Expert Track of 2023 focuses on Residual Values

What’s the state of supply and demand in the used vehicle industry? And how will that affect Residual Values going forward? That’s the focus of this year’s first Remarketing Expert Track – Fleet Europe’s series of online masterclasses for remarketing professionals. The session, on 16 March, is online and free, and packs a lot of expert info into a brand-new format of just two hours.

This Remarketing Expert Track will take place on 16 March from 2 pm to 4 pm. Register now to attend for free.

Atypical. That’s the least you can say about last year, with demand outstripping supply to such a degree that lease companies reported billion-euro profits based on their used-vehicle sales. Across many markets and models, the trade witnessed the ‘oldtimer effect’, with the value of used cars increasing instead of decreasing over time. 

This year will be different. Normal? As new vehicle supply and used vehicle prices again approach previous levels, the question is: to what degree. And is ther even a pathway back to the market as it was in 2019? Before pandemic, war, supply chain disruption and accelerated electrification shook up the market for both new and used cars. 

The future is, of course, crystal ball territory. But remarketers by trade are used to dealing with risk and uncertainty. The first Remarketing Expert Track of the year brings together some of the best and brightest minds in the industry to extrapolate the data at hand and look forward to what we can expect in terms of Residual Values, which remain the cornerstone of any remarketing strategy – at least that much hasn’t changed.

Some of the event’s topics and speakers:

  • In a live interview, Mark Howlett (Head of Corporate Sales & Remarketing, Kia Motors Europe) will explore the supply situation. How will new-vehicle supply be different in 2023 compared to the three extraordinary years we’ve just had?
  • One reason supply is picking up again: OEMs are streamlining their trim strategies, with less grades and options. Matthew Freeman (Automotive Industry Analyst at cap hpi) will share his take on this trend.
  • Tesla has led, others are following: OEMs are lowering vehicle prices, on certain models at least. Maarten Baljet (Director Business Development at bähr & fess forecasts) provides some context.
  • The two previous speakers will be joined by four other panelists (Carlo Siviero, Quattroruote ITA; Denis Knuth, DAT; Nicolas Carron, L’Argus; and Rick Zielman, Autotelex) for an in-depth discussion on the Residual Value outlook for 2023, based on the changes in new vehicle supply, powertrain mix, vehicle prices, EV incentives, and more. Viewers are invited to put their questions to the panel. 
  • The session concludes with a talk by Brian Madsen (Director International at Cars2Click) on how to find the right cars to maximise Residual Value, by using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. 

As this is Fleet Europe’s first Remarketing event of 2023, participants will also get an overview of all Remarketing activities which will be on offer throughout the year: not just two further Remarketing Expert Tracks, but also a range of E-Books, the annual Remarketing Forum, and more.

This Remarketing Expert Track will take place on 16 March from 2 pm to 4 pm. Register now to attend for free.

Image: Fleet Europe

Authored by: Frank Jacobs