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2 Jul 19

Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum: Get a day-pass to the Future of Remarketing

Let’s start with the basics: vehicle remarketing is that complex, but crucial TCO component at the end of a vehicle’s first life. Neglecting its impact may negatively affect your business – whichever link in the fleet value chain you represent. 

Conversely, focusing on Remarketing can be very rewarding. New online business models offer the prospect of ever greater benefits – especially via the as yet largely unexploited opportunities of cross-border remarketing. 

That’s why Fleet Europe in 2014 initiated a separate Remarketing Forum, bringing together experts and players in this vital space in order to share knowledge and experience and to forge links and alliances. 

Fleet Europe Summit
The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum is a standalone event, but not an isolated one. Traditionally, it takes place the day before the start of the Fleet Europe Forum and related events, all labelled together as the ‘Fleet Europe Summit’ – all the more reason to make the trip. 

We can’t reveal all details about the 6th Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum – those are still being worked out by the aforementioned A-team – but we can certainly tell you enough to pique your interest. 

  • The 2019 Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum will take place on 5 November in Estoril, a seaside resort in Portugal within a short driving distance of Lisbon’s International Airport. 
  • It conveniently packs a maximum of knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities into a single day.

Burning issues

The Forum will dive deep into the burning issues and growing trends animating the Remarketing industry today: 

  • The impact on Residual Values of the shift away from diesel vehicles and towards EVs
  • The international angle – with such topics as:  the effect of Brexit, an American view on Remarketing, the shift of cross-border Remarketing from Eastern Europe to other markets. 
  • The effect of new mobility concepts on Remarketing 
  • The impact of optional extras and technological innovations on Residual Values. 
  • The emergence of new players on the Remarketing horizon
  • The relevance of mileage fraud (and the fight against it) for Remarketing success
  • And much, much more.

Gala dinner

After a day of hard work, relax at the gala dinner, which will be preceded by the presentation of the Car Remarketing Award, sponsored by International Warranty Solutions. 

Mark 5 November in your calendar: there will be no other day this year when you can learn as much about Remarketing – and increase your Remarketing success – as at the 6th Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum. 

Find out more and register your attendance at https://summit.fleeteurope.com/
Can you afford not to get that day-pass? 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs