26 Oct 21

How EV will separate winners from losers in remarketing

Electrification and digitalisation are the major, long-term trends that continue to drive change in car remarketing, as indeed they do across the entire automotive ecosystem. But for the last two years, we’ve been ambushed by events. In 2020, the pandemic profoundly upset the industry. And in 2021, it was the chip shortage – which is basically an aftershock of the pandemic.

At the 2021 Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum, organised on 9 November in The Square in Brussels, leading experts of the remarketing industry wil unravel the impact of the current crises and reveal how to make electrification a winning ingredient of your vehicle remarketing recipe. Get insight into the trends that will drive remarketing in Europe forward in 2022 by joining the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum.

To give you a taste of what to expect, here are the key topics:

1. EVs are coming

The flow of used vehicles won’t stop, even as the shift in powertrain becomes ever more pronounced. This set the scene presentation by Marc Odinius, CEO of Dataforce (pictured), will explore the speed of that shift, and how to prepare for the upcoming flood of EVs. Saul Lopez, Manager Electric Fleets Program at Transport & Environment, will examine if Europe has a an electrification vision that takes into account the Remarketing industry.

2. How good is a battery in a used BEV

A main topic of BEVs in public perception is range and lifetime of the battery. Roland Gagel and CARA Europe address this subject with the “Battery Health” workgroup that defines a European common battery certificate and evaluates methods to determine the stat of health of batteries during the vehicles return process.


3. BEVs in the defleeting and remarketing process

Remarketers know how to inspect, defleet, transport, store and remarket used ICE vehicles. What are the differences for EVs, how great are they and how will they influence the outcome? The answer comes from Bertrand Donck, CEO at Macadam.



4. Let's go Digital, let's go AI

Seamless, cost-efficient, in real time and user-friendly. Marcel De Rycker, CCO at Proovstation, will highlight the latest developoments and benefits of Digital & AI powered costed inspection and how this will revolutionize and facilitate the Car Buying process.



5. Best ideas in selling ancillary services

Sourcing used cars can be challenge. Semi-conductor shortages make things even worse. Selling ancillary services are not only valuable tools to maximize sales, they should be part of a holistic retail/remarketing strategy. Michel Van Roon, CEO & Founder GO Remarketing & CRM automotive retail, will picture how that strategy could look like.


6. What AI can bring to vehicle flexible contracts

Flexible leasing solutions are been designed to meet customer demand and new vehicle uses. In that context, it's good to find out with Léa Chevry, Cofounder of Tcheck, how AI-based services and ancillary products are new opportunities for dealers and traders.



7. Managing refurbishment cost and process efficiency

Refurbishment must be efficient and effective for it to have a positive impact on the outcome. This session will explore the latest refurbishment techniques. Paul Verkinderen, Sales Director at Fixico, will deepdive into some results and case studies that show that refurbishment can be a seamless process with a positive outcome.

8. Support innovation

Innovation leads to fresh business models. The Fleet Europe Car Remarketing Award is a prestigious accolade honouring a company that brings valuable innovation to the used car management scene. In Brussels, you have a chance to meet the finalists and discover how they can contribute to the efficiency of your remarketing process or to the margins realized on your used vehicles.

You can still get your ticket for the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum. Final tickets on sale now!

Authored by: Steven Schoefs