27 Nov 18

“If our buyers don’t exist, we have to create them”

What’s the best way to optimise online used-car sales? That was the topic of four brief presentations, followed by a discussion between – and with – the presenters. 

“We’re in the age of Big Data. Ninety percent of all the data in the world was produced in the last two years. And once you have robust data, you can analyse it to deliver useful services to your clients”, said Marcus Nissen (Vice Country Manager, Autorola GmbH)

“EV buyers don’t exist in big enough numbers yet, so we have to create them – by offering them appealing incentives so they want to buy EVs”, said Jean-Roch Piat.

“Unifiying the European market is only possible via an online platform”, said Jost Dieckhaus (Director Remarketing, Auto1). “And we expect the European market to harmonise further”. 

“We’re past the disruption phase. That took place five years ago. The next steps are to provide customer data management, practice upstream selling and manage customer satisfaction”, said Ingo Schlosser (Vice President Business Development, ADESA). Also: “Whether you’re selling a laptop, a bottle of water or a car, the online sales strategy is the same”.  

Authored by: Frank Jacobs