10 Nov 20

Join the Remarketing Forum – because knowing is winning

In the knowledge-driven remarketing industry, information separates winners from losers. And perhaps never more so than in this volatile pandemic: to win, you have to know. And to know, you have to attend the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum.

The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum will take place on 18 November, as part of the Fleet Europe Summit. Both the main event and the Remarketing Forum will be entirely digital. 

Safe and practical
This is not just safe, it’s also practical: you get to attend the event from the comfort of your own home or office. Thanks to Fleet Europe’s by now profound expertise with digital events, you will come away with as many actionable information and essential contacts as during a ‘live’ event. 

So, what will the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum focus on? As per usual, attendees will get crucial insights by a wide range of industry experts and will be able to ask follow-up questions to tailor that expertise to their own needs. 

How to win
The sessions before noon will focus on ‘How to win at Remarketing in the future’.

The pandemic has amplified traditional trends and created additional ones. 

  • Industry expert Andy Shields (INDICATA) will provide a structured overview of today’s remarketing industry at European level. 
  • Roland Gagel (TÜV Süd), Dirk-Marco Adams (Autovista Group) and Joeri Vanhumbeek (Carconnex) will expand on the challenges and opportunities of the electric future.
  • Ed Spitzer (Enterprise) and Marc Odinius (pictured, right) (Dataforce) weigh in on how the pandemic has caused remarketing to reinvent itself – and how that will change the industry, going forward.

New Normal
Following a ‘virtual networking break’, the afternoon sessions will zoom in on how you can make the ‘New Normal’ work for you. 

  • Lennart Hinrichs (Twaice) and Christoph Engelskirchen (Autovista) will explain how remarketing may soon apply not just to EVs, but to their batteries as well. 
  • Grainne van Berkum (pictured, left) (CarNext.com) and Sonia Geay (Spampyt) will reveal all about ‘hands-off’ used-vehicle selling, either at a distance or completely online. 

Participants will then be able to pick one of four breakout sessions that best fits their interests and requirements, have the opportunity to again meet with peers and also with sponsors. To end an informative day on a relaxed note, they can join the other Fleet Europe Summit participants in the Fleet Europe Awards ceremony, celebrating excellence in various mobility-related fields. 

Pleasant and fun
We know – business is tough, especially this year. In the remarketing industry, there are no rewards for second place. But that doesn’t mean that arming yourself with the weapons to win the future should be tedious or hard. The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum is as pleasant as it is informative, and as fun as it is rewarding. 

Join us and find out!

Image: Grainne van Berkum (left), CarNext.com and Marc Odinius (right), Dataforce

Authored by: Frank Jacobs