5 Dec 17

Know your customer, maximise your profit

Private lease and increased digitisation will have a thorough impact on the remarketing business, according to Ib Kimose, Global Director Autorola Solutions, who spoke at today’s Remarketing Forum in Estoril. Being successful at remarketing will mainly depend on finding the right channel for B2C and B2E.

Paramount in this context, are usability and accessibility. “The channel has to be easy to use, easy to access, offer direct integration and work in real time, when your buyers have time”, Mr Kimose explained. “Remarketing is not about selling a car, but selling an experience.”

The right vehicles for the right channels at the right time

Not every car is suitable to be sold B2C. “To determine which ones are, you must know your customers. Analyse their buying behaviour, adapt your offer to their preferences and engage with them through social media. In short, be where your customers are”, explained Mr Kimose.

Timing, too, is of the essence. Monitoring your fleet, considering depreciation versus market price and structuring your sales are crucial to ensure a maximum profit, he concluded.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier