1 Oct 19

Manage your Off-Lease Cost with Macadam Tools for inspection


Car inspections will reach a new level with mobile solutions generating cost savings for Fleet Managers. However, this is only possible by using fully integrated systems and paperless solutions, requiring full digitisation in inspection and in the workflows supporting the Off-lease Process.

Future Customer Experience

The future customer wants it all and he wants it now. Mobile applications like the Macadam CarCheck and online tools like PitStop support the total process from appointment over inspection to damage billing. Computer Learning and Artificial Intelligence will increase speed and consistency and thus TRUST to the process.

PitStop is one of the tools Macadam has built to help you manage driver change, local parking management and refurbishment of the vehicles. Reporting gives you insights into the status of cars, but more importantly on cost and lead-time.

Integrated service chain

Most important is to synchronise systems and integrate all processes. Macadam tools manage the process from start to finish. This guarantees consistency, cost saving, speed but it also enables handling growth.

Digital transformation

The market is creating new opportunities: private lease and mobility products bring more driver changes. At the same time, new techniques are being developed to remarket vehicles. The Macadam CarCheck allows you to shoot 360° pictures to assist you in your remarketing efforts.

Do you want to find out what Macadam can do for you? Get in touch with Joep Weijden or Laurent Mertens via info.europe@macadam.eu or visit macadam.eu

Macadam’s core activity is the inspection of vehicles, wherever you want, whenever you want. As the car industry is changing, also vehicle follows the latest trends. Better still: enable and facilitate them.

Each year, Macadam, as an independent party, inspects 500,000 vehicles for damage and wear and tear in 13 countries across Europe.

Traditionally, inspections were carried out as part of one of these two processes:

  • Damage billing: for customers to accept inspection reports, they need to be transparent and highly consistent.
  • Remarketing: inspection data is used to create a remarketing report that can be used on sales websites and for e-auctions.

Today, drivers are moving from owning a car towards using a car. Inevitably, this has an impact on the whole mobility chain, and it leads to changes to the remarketing processes whereby new profit goals must be achieved.

To make that possible, Macadam delivers comprehensive tooling to support the administrative and logistical processes.