23 May 22

Multi-channel de-fleeting: join Remarketing Expert Track on 14 June to find out how it’s done

The upcoming session of the Remarketing Expert Track (RET) will focus on the challenge of de-fleeting, and more particular, on how to develop the optimal multi-channel approach. Join the virtual event from 1 to 5 pm on 14 June to sharpen your de-fleeting skills!

These days, vehicle remarketers could set up shop under a railway bridge as Shifty Pete’s Salvage and Wrecks, and their used-car inventory would still sell like hotcakes. A slight exaggeration perhaps, but you catch the drift: it’s a seller’s market. 

Tougher times

Due to persistent extended delivery times for new vehicles, used ones are in very high demand. As demonstrated by the record profits posted by lease companies in their most recent annual reports – profits driven largely by remarketing windfalls – some stakeholders are doing very well out of de-fleeting their vehicle stock. 

But even in a seller’s market, profits can be maximised. And especially in a seller’s market, it makes sense to prepare for times when the going will get tougher again. In other words: now is an excellent time to fine-tune your de-fleeting process. 

And precisely that will be the focus for the Remarketing Expert Track – the latest in a series of half-day virtual sessions focusing on hot topics in the European vehicle remarketing industry. Specifically, this RET will focus on: 

  • managing a multi-channel approach, 
  • dealing with the liability on vehicle data privacy, and
  • handling EVs. 

Thought leadership

Some highlights of the upcoming event:

  • Thought leadership presentation on vehicle data privacy, by Andrea Amico, Founder and CEO of Privacy4Cars. 
  • The topic of data privacy will be rounded out by a presentation on the implications of GDPR, and a panel discussion with several experts.
  • Breakout sessions with executives of Auto1 Group, Cars2click and TÜV Süd on the topics of the day. 
  • Thought leadership presentation on multi-channel remarketing, by Sebastian Fuchs, Managing Director at Manheim and RMS Automotive Europe, Cox Automotive
  • Presentation on the risks of stagflation for the automotive sector, and its potential impact on remarketing, by Maxime Chalot, Chairman of the Automotive & Mobility group at BDO.
  • Presentation on the impact of multi-channel approach on remarketing, by Luis Maria Pérez-Serrano, CEO of Remarketing and Mobility Consulting at TÜV Süd.  
  • Closing the afternoon event, a panel discussion on multi-channel remarketing, featuring a number of the experts above, plus Wolfgang Reinhold, Chairman of CARA, the European Car Remarketing Association. 

As always, the RET will be hosted by Johan Verbois, Fleet Europe’s own Remarketing Expert. 

The Remarketing Expert Track is free to attend, but registration is required. Click here for more information, and to register. 

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs