22 Nov 23

Peter Grøftehauge inducted into Fleet Europe’s Remarketing Hall of Fame

At the Fleet Europe Remarketing Awards 2023, Wednesday evening in Lisbon, Peter Grøftehauge was inducted into Fleet Europe’s Hall of Fame. This award celebrates a person who over the course of their career has made a significant contribution to the development of the international remarketing industry – so, not just by serving their own company, but by elevating standards and expectations across the wider industry. 

It is only the second year this accolade is awarded. Mr Grøftehauge, co-founder and CEO of Autorola, will keeping company in the Hall of Fame with Wolfgang Reinhold, president of the European Car Remarketing Association (CARA), who was the very first inductee last year. 

Peter Grøftehauge was born into the vehicle remarketing business: his father Niels was a used-car dealer in Odense, Denmark. Over the past three decades, he has played an important role in transforming the industry, first in Denmark, then across Europe, and now in the rest of the world. 

In 1996, together with his father and his brother Martin, he founded Autocom.dk, then the first and now the largest online vehicle auction in Denmark. 

The pioneering expertise built up in the home market was launched in other countries under the Autorola brand: first in Germany (2003), then in the Netherlands and Sweden (2004), Austria and the UK (2005), Belgium (2006), France, Italy and Spain (2007), and the Czech Republic, Australia, Ireland, Poland, and Portugal (2008). In the last decade and a half, the company has kept expanding, both in area and scope.

Today, Autorola prides itself on being the world’s largest online wholesale vehicle remarketing company outside the U.S. Autorola works with 70,000 registered dealers internationally and facilitates used-vehicle transactions in 17 European countries and well beyond, including Latin America and the Middle East.

Autorola is not only a global leader in online remarketing, but also in automotive IT solutions for professionals used-car and fleet management. Its services don’t just include online auction platforms, but also vehicle inspections and compound services. And then there’s Indicata, Autorola’s next-generation tool for managing used-vehicle inventories, using live business intelligence and market insights.

Recently, Autorola has set its sights on the Middle East, where it has struck up a joint venture with Al Futtaim, an UAE-based regional player. Autorola is also continuing its role as remarketing pioneer by developing and deploying a growing range of AI-based tools. 

“I think we’re still just at the beginning of the digital transformation, even in advanced markets like the UK, Germany, France or Italy”, Mr Grøftehauge said in a recent interview with Fleet Europe. “There are many companies who are still not fully on board. And those that are, still have a major scope for improvement.”

Mr Grøftehauge’s induction into the Fleet Europe Remarketing Hall of Fame was ust one of three awards presented at the Fleet Europe Remarketing Awards, the gala ceremony that closed the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum, which took place on the first of the two Fleet Europe Days (22-23 November 2023) in Lisbon. 

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Image: Fleet Europe

Authored by: Frank Jacobs