24 Oct 19

Remarketing Forum: grasp new technologies upstream to capitalise downstream

How will new options and new technologies impact remarketability and residual values? Come and find out at the 2019 Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum on November 6 in Estoril, Portugal.

People change, the cars they drive change, the available technologies change. Ergo: the used car marketplace changes. But what are the drivers behind this change? How can you predict market shifts and grab opportunities rather than face remar keting risks?

Those are the key questions of the session called Embracing New Technologies, which will start at 4.20PM at the 2019 Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum in Estoril, Portugal.

First up will be Pierre Nordmann, Head of Data & Automotive Residual Value at Groupe Argus, a leading solutions provider for the automotive distribution business. Pierre joined the Argus Group 2 years ago, where he is in charge of the vehicle classification, the residual value, and the automotive data. Before that, Pierre worked in the consulting business for 8 years, providing forecast studies for carmakers and tier 1 suppliers.

Looking upstream, i.e. to the new car market and which technologies are impacting the market, that is what Barthélemy Michalak, Used Car & Residual Values Manager Europe at KIA Motors Europe will deep-dive into during his keynote presentation at the upcoming Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum. Barthélemy has over 12 years of experience at various car manufacturers (Renault, PSA) at headquarters, NSC and dealer level and participated in the development of Used Car business digitalization. He joined Kia Motors Europe in 2016, where he focuses on increasing the maturity and expertise of the Korean Brand.

He will be joined by Julio Melguizo, who will be happy to share with the audience how new technology changes market dynamics and how you can take advantage of them. As Vice President of AUTO1 Group and Managing Director of AUTO1.com Spain and Portugal, Julio leads the local strategy and the business development of the company since 2014. Amongst his responsibilities, Julio runs the B2B business units under the brand AUTO1.com.

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Authored by: Dieter Quartier