7 Nov 19

Remarketing Forum: "Incredibly, we are still talking about diesel"

The sixth edition of the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum welcomed nearly 200 attendants from all over Europe, who were all anxious to grasp the latest insights in an industry that is changing rapidly.

What clearly emerged during the morning session, carrying the title The Undeniable Powertrain Truth’, is the polarisation in the powertrain debate. On the one hand Massimo Fedeli from AIR Alliance revealed eye-opening test results about the latest RDE-tested diesels, proving the fuel still has a future and a place in the fleet market. On the other hand, Bart Biebuyck from Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking dropped a bomb, stating he could not believe the industry is still talking about diesel as if it were a sustainable solution, highlighting the need to dismiss combustion engines altogether and switch to BEVs and preferrably FCEVs.

Diesel and BEV remarketing risks

After an introduction by Christof Engelskirchen from Autovista Group, the BEV and diesel topic was further explored during a panel discussion with Alba Abiega from BCA Europe, Olivier Ferry from Hyundai Motor Europe, Renaud Lafleuriel from FCA Group and Frédéric Van Heems from ALD Automotive (pictured from right to left).

Another eye-opener was the presentation by Mathias Popp from SGS, who explained the WLTP effect and the supercredit system that really kicks in in 2020. He predicts a tsunami of new plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles next year. From 2023 onwards the EU electrification incentives could disturb the market in areas where the ZLEV (zero-to-low-emission vehicles) penetration ratio is very low. This is where some remarketing experts expect an increased number of self-registrations and hence opportunities and threats.

Diesel - yes, we are still talking about it - may just live another day, but when discounts on new BEV models and subvention schemes will increase - Germany has announced a 6,000-euro premium on new BEV purchases - the market could finally 'go where the money is' and adopt BEVs in more than discrete numbers.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier