14 Aug 18

Remarketing Forum: more relevant than ever

Vehicle remarketing is an important part of today's fleet management and the European remarketing industry is thriving. Nevertheless, it is also complex and challenging and it is set for major changes in terms of legislation, taxation, internationalisation and cross-border flows, technology, digitalisation and many more issues.

That's why your attendance at the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum has never been more relevant. This year's event takes place in Barcelona on 27 November. Register now!

The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum welcomes around 200 industry professionals from various sectors within the remarketing industry: OEMs, RV setters and consultants, leasing companies, car rental companies, remarketing insurance providers, car auction representatives, refurbishment specialists, ...

Discussions will tackle the issues of today, including:

  • Diesel, petrol and alternative powertrains

OEMs, customers and legislators are moving away from diesel. How will this impact residual values? How will petrol perform in the long run? What about the longevity of today's electric vehicles?

  • WLTP

The new emissions testing procedure has an effect on new cars but it is also impacting sales of used cars. So, make sure you're ready for it.

  • Optimising online used-car sales

The era of tyre kicking has long gone, the internet is where used cars are being sold today. Nevertheless, there is still room for optimisation of the sales process.

  • B2C and other new business models

In part because of the growing importance of online sales, B2C sales now account for a large part of used car sales. Private lease, subscription serves and other business models will also change the traditional remarketing models.

  • Digitisation and transformation

Digitisation is facilitating cross-border trade, e-commerce and the advent of new business models. How will this change the industry and the trader's role?

  • Mileage fraud

A number of countries have already eliminated mileage fraud and steps are now being taken to do the same thing on a European level. Are you ready for new mileage fraud systems?

The Car Remarketing Award goes to...

... a person or team that have developed an innovative project, product or service that contributes to the efficiency and transparency of the remarketing process.

Last year's winner was Sebastian Fuchs, Senior Director Sales and Marketing Europe for RMS Automotive.

You can apply for the 2018 Car Remarketing Award! Applications are welcome before 7 September.

Image: Sebastian Fuchs, winner of the 2017 Car Remarketing Award, at the 2017 Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck