19 Mar 21

“Unconnected” remarketing equals wasting time and money

Fleet operators who have not digitised their remarketing processes are losing out on business opportunities while increasing the risk of human error.

“Digitizing the remarketing flow, connecting to the digital buyers’ world and optimising the residual value of vehicles, that is what fleet operators’ priorities should be,“ said Gino Vleminckx, Chief Commercial Officer, ADESA Europe, during yesterday’s Connected Fleet Conference.

“The challenge resides in getting different systems to talk to each other. From pre-sales to sales and after-sales: there is still a lot of human interaction today. This increases the risk of errors while slowing down the process and costing money.”

“A fleet management system is a sine qua non, but it needs to be connected with all technical components, too, in order to have an end-to-end view. You may even want to consider AI powered self-inspections rather than human ones. The added value is considerable,” he explained.

Data and flexibility means money

In an ever changing market, offering the vehicle at the right price is crucial to reduce stock days and grab opportunities to optimise residual values. That is why market intelligence is paramount. There are platforms that offer dynamic vehicle pricing, for instance.

Vleminckx also advised to keep a close eye on price evolutions and seize opportunities by selling vehicles before they are end-of-life. “In order to seize the moment, you need to have instant access to market intelligence. There are big gains to be found in the deep connection with remarketing partners.” 

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Authored by: Dieter Quartier