4 Jan 22

Want to optimise how you sell used EVs? Join the Remarketing Expert Track

Used EV prices are much on the mind of Remarketers today. How will they evolve? And what’s the best method, the best channel, the best moment to sell used EVs? All this and more will be discussed at the first Fleet Europe Remarketing Expert Track of 2022, on 27 January. Join us!

The Remarketing Expert Track is an initiative by Fleet Europe aimed exclusively at the European Remarketing community. Sessions, typically half a day long, feature a mix of thought leadership presentations, case studies, break-out sessions, and networking opportunities. 

In the first session of the year, the focus will be How to optimise the sale of used EVs. Much depends on the smoothness of that process: not just the well-being of the Remarketing industry, but also the success of the electrification process as such. Worryingly, many experts see several important stumbling blocks ahead. 

Unanswered questions

Many questions remain unanswered, including but not limited to the following:

  • Considering the rapid evolution of EV technology, will the first generations of EVs even be remarketable? 
  • What’s the right approach to remarket a BEV, and how is this different from remarketing PHEVs? 
  • How can EV batteries be evaluated, and how should that co-determine the residual value? 
  • Should governments be called upon to offer support to used-EV remarketing in the same way as they have subsidised new-EV marketing? 

The answers to these and similar questions will determine how EVs can be successfully remarketed. So, what are they? Find out for yourself on 27 January 2022. 

On the menu

The virtual session starts at 1 pm (CET) and closes at 5 pm. Remarketing experts will focus on the future supply and demand patterns of used EVs, to better understand the residual value situation and address the requirements to optimise the sale of EVs. Some confirmed elements on the menu:

  • What drives residual value? Presentation highlighting a methodology to position the different drivers of residual value. 
  • The value of used EVs. Panel discussion on the complexity – and necessity – of determining used-EV residual values. Q&A session at the end.
  • Battery State of Health. Batteries are central to used-EV residuals in a way that engines aren’t when it comes to ICEs. That requires special attention. CARA will update on the progress of its task force. 
  • Certified programmes. Already today, the first certified programmes are emerging, providing both sellers and buyers of used EVs with the confidence they need to make mutually beneficial transactions. Research results will be announced.
  • The future of BEV sales. Panel discussion on what needs to happen to maximise the value of used-EV trading.

Various additional speakers will be added to the running order. Presenter Johan Verbois will give an update on Fleet Europe’s plans and ambitions for 2022 with respect to Remarketing. 

The session will take place with the cooperation of Gold Partners Autovista and Stampyt, and Silver Partner AUTO1, with more to be confirmed. The session is free to attend but requires registration. Click here!

Image: Fleet Europe

Authored by: Frank Jacobs