30 Nov 23

“We make used car wholesale easy so our customers can be more successful.”

“Our vision at OPENLANE is to build the world’s greatest digital marketplace for used vehicles, and we are advancing that vision by bringing together all of our sellers, buyers and vehicles under openlane.eu on the European continent and under openlane.co.uk in the UK”, says Grainne van Berkum, President of the European entity since early November 2023. “We believe that by leveraging the power of a global brand we can accelerate innovation and simplify the overall customer experience.”

The change to OPENLANE stands for a fundamental change: it expresses the companies’ commitment to making buying and selling used cars easy so customers can be more successful.

“In Europe, we continue to make cross-border sales easy by providing a secure one-stop-shop experience with best-in-class cross-border services and real-time delivery options. Our large and growing logistics network across the European continent and the UK ensures customers can benefit from seamless transactions and efficient distribution”, Grainne explains.

 “At the same time, our marketplace is increasingly making domestic sales easy. Our supply of local vehicles for instance is increasing, thanks to a rapidly growing dealer base, discovering the power of OPENLANE Sell. This modular dealer platform is designed to help dealers revolutionize their car sales experience through a range of flexible modules which put them in control of every transaction.”

“The combination of our flexibility, digital capabilities, automotive experience and thorough market knowledge uniquely positions us in the car wholesale industry and allows us to continuously improve our products and services so our customers can be more successful”, Grainne concludes.