12 Dec 22

What does the future hold for car remarketing?

You could wonder about the answer to that question, or you could read Fleet Europe’s newest E-Book on that topic. For free! Just to point you in the right direction: it’s all about AI and data. 

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The E-Book is called ‘Optimising Car Remarketing’. And in a word, that’s what’s happening to the industry right now. Broadly speaking, there are two major forces transforming how we remarket vehicles, both in Europe and beyond: economic pressures (with inflation and supply chain issues featuring prominently), and technological changes (including electrification of the vehicles, and digitization of the remarketing process itself).

Remarketing professionals don’t have any influence on macro-economic forces, but they do have the ability to optimise the technological framework in which they operate. And to be perfectly frank: technology will separate remarketing winners from losers. Those who will use technology to adopt, adapt and improve their business processes will be among the winners. And vice versa. 

Technology is crucial for the remarketing industry of tomorrow – and today. Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data can help you make the difference in your remarketing business in our E-Book. 

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs