27 Jul 22

What’s ED2? It’s your ticket to Remarketing success in 2023

What’s ED2? It’s a fancy way of shortening Electrification, Distribution and Digitisation. Those are the three trends driving Remarketing and accelerated by the pandemic. Want to make the most of them? Come to the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum 2022, on 16 November in Dublin.

As usual, the Remarketing Forum takes place on the first day of the two-day Fleet Europe Summit.  For the first time, that event will take place in the Irish capital Dublin, on 16-17 November. 

But as always, the Remarketing Forum focuses on those topics that will power your success in the remarketing industry. To find out how today’s industry trends will affect your business, come to Dublin! 

So, what’s on the menu at this year’s Remarketing Forum? In short: ED2. In a few more words: 


The shockwaves of the automotive industry’s most consequential transformation in a century are arguably even more profound in the used-vehicle industry than on the new-vehicle market. How do you stay (or keep) ahead in such complex fields as transport, inspection, infrastructure and storage, as you adapt from ICE to EV? How do you anticipate the coming ban on ICE sales? And when will we have a certificate for EV battery health? 


Transformative change is about more than just EVs. Traditional OEMs and start-up manufacturers are both toying with new distribution models, including agencies and direct sales-only. How does that work with trade-in vehicles, and used-car sales in general? This is complex stuff, but those who master it, have an advantage over their competitors. 


The analog days are over. Everybody’s digital these days. But that doesn’t mean everybody is doing it as much or as best as possible. The digital transformation is not a one-time switch, but an ongoing process. The main question: How do you make your customer’s e-journey as smooth as possible? Another one: How do you integrate ancillary services into your platform? 

Each trend will be discussed in a separate session, with a thought leadership talk, two expert presentations, and a Q&A with all three speakers. A final fourth session will feature an additional thought leadership talk, plus a debate among the four thought leadership presenters – plus the winner of the 2021 Remarketing Award.

The sessions will alternate with breaks and lunch, offering plenty of networking opportunities. 

The Remarketing Forum 2022, which will take place on 16 November, is part of the Fleet Europe Summit, 16-17 November in Dublin.

Image: Fleet Europe

Authored by: Frank Jacobs