20 Oct 21

Who will win the 2021 Car Remarketing Award?

The annual Car Remarketing Award – the fifth already – reflects an industry working hard to innovate and to excel. While the prize itself raises the profile of the winning company, the other submissions shortlisted by the jury provide an indication of where the industry is going. And that is valuable information.

Here are the three finalists for the 2021 Fleet Europe Car Remarketing Award, that will be hand out after the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum on 9 November in Brussels

1. AUTO1 Group with AUTO1 Price Indicator

The AUTO1 Price Indicator helps dealers and fleet owners determine a fair price for their cars, also taking into account trade-ins. The application is available for free. 

Users simply provide the VIN and some additional infor, and the app analyses data from 2.5 million cars sold to arrive at a reliable dealer price, and this within 5 minutes.

This info can be converted into a full evaluation, to put the car up on AUTO1.com and sell it within 24 hours, optimising the dealer's inventory days.

2. Cars2click with Remarketing cross-border business case module

The business case module is part of Cars2view, a digital assistant for car dealers and remarketing managers. It allows users to upload a file with car details.

After this, the AI will check all cars for sales in Europe. The module will then present a detailed business case per country.

3. RMS Automotive with Self-inspection App

The Self-Inspection App is a streamlined and intuitive tool that can get a vehicle listed for sale in 5 to 7 minutes.

A VIN scan pulls in all vehicle details, a guided process then lets the user take pictures of the vehicle. After AI scans for damage, a condition report is produced and a price is proposed, based on leading market data.

In so doing, the App helps fleets, OEMs and dealers drive efficiencies in digital-first remarketing, take advantage of upstream opportunities, upload vehicles for sale faster and reduce costs.


Authored by: Frank Jacobs