16 Sep 19

Why Vinturas is a breakthrough solution for European remarketing business

The remarketing business is more and more becoming a truly European business. The transparency that the use of internet offers and the growing ease of doing business in other countries offer significant opportunities for many companies remarketing their vehicles.

Yet the operational processes in the international remarketing business are still lagging significantly behind. The Supply Chain of used vehicles is not transparent and paper-based processes make transport, storage and handling a costly, labour intensive exercise.

The rootcause of these problems is the scattered logistics industry in Europe. Multiple logistics service providers cover only a part of the European geography and no integral, professional European service process is available. 

Lack of transparency is also an issue for the integrity of the European remarketing business. Unfortunately, too many buyers of used vehicles are familiar with mileage fraud, configuration changes and other value-destroying practices.

Our industry is in dire need of transparency and efficiency.

Transparency through digitalisation

There is an obvious need to digitalise the supply chain for finished vehicles. Digitalisation creates transparency and process efficiency. 
Transparency means that each and every vehicle is visible in the logistics chain from seller to buyer. It also means that all transactional information like the actual delivery date and location, any damage occurred during the process, inspection reports, are all real-time available for all stakeholders in the process.
Active management of key indicators like process lead-time will be possible.

Digitalisation will create a fundamental breakthrough in process efficiency for the remarketing industry.

Vinturas and supply chain visibility

Vinturas, a digital platform, based on blockchain technology, will provide end-to-end supply chain visibility to the finished vehicle industry.
Our objective is to provide to all our (remarketing )customers the actual location of every vehicle in the chain, its status, configuration and estimated time of arrival on the destination. Paper-less processes and real-time information.

Blockchain technology enables safe data sharing between all stakeholders in digital processes (delivery, damage etc.). Blockchain technology also creates immutable documents. The configuration of a vehicle in the supply chain cannot be changed anymore. 
Eliminating mileage fraud and reducing the risk of cross-border issues as tax evasion and import tax fraud.

Vinturas go live

The Vinturas platform will be testing with customers in Q4 2019 and will be available for customers in the first half of 2020.
More information in our white paper on www.Vinturas.com