13 Feb 23

Year’s first Remarketing Expert Track will focus on supply issues

Last year, short supply of new cars meant high prices – even for used ones. In 2023, as supply constraints soften, what will the impact be on remarketing? That is the million-euro question, and the topic of this year’s first Remarketing Expert Track, on 16 March. Register here for your free attendance!

The Remarketing Expert Track is Fleet Europe’s unique and popular forum for remarketers to learn from each other. The sessions are live and online, last just a few hours and take place a couple of times per year – three times in 2023. 

Free of charge and full of expertise, Remarketing Expert Tracks are a popular format for deep diving into relevant topics for Europe’s remarketing community. Each time, hundreds of remarketing professionals from across the continent tune in. 

The first edition of this year will deal with a topic that is indeed on the minds of many: What is the supply and demand outlook for new cars in 2023, and what will its impact be on Residual Values for used cars? 

This is the question that animates actors across the entire remarketing ecosystem; but it’s not easy for anyone to get a helicopter view of the issues – or their consequences. And that is exactly what the Remarketing Expert Track – as ever hosted by Fleet Europe’s remarketing expert Johan Verbois – will examine in this two-hour session. 

  • As Residual Values are a cornerstone of both the fleet and remarketing community, we’ll take a look at current supply and demand situation. 
  • What are the remaining supply challenges, and how are they evolving? What’s the impact of last years’ price increases but also how will the recent prices drop(s) for certain BEVs influence the market and our fragile ecosystem?
  • We will look for answers that are relevant across the industry, but also seek to spot the subtle differences between the various markets across Europe. 

This virtual expert track will be presented in a brand-new format, offering answers in a compact event of just two hours… because your time is valuable, but knowledge is crucial! The session is free to join. Click here to register!  

Image: public domain

Authored by: Frank Jacobs