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10 Oct 19

Marcel De Rycker, IWS: "Don’t miss out on high-quality info at the Remarketing Forum "

Why is the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum important? Because for every new car that gets sold in Europe, three used ones find a new owner, says Marcel Derycker, Managing Director at International Warranty Solutions (IWS). That’s enough business potential to get anyone’s attention.

Mr Derycker is extra interested in the candidates for this year’s Car Remarketing Award – sponsored by IWS. Whoever wins, it will be a company with Europe-wide dimension. And that’s where the tremendous growth potential of Remarketing lies.

Mr Derycker, what’s trending in Remarketing?
“At the top of the list: the environmental regulations that are impacting which powertrains are more or less popular. As more and more end users adopt electrical and hybrid powertrains, this has a clear impact on residual values (RVs) and stock management.”

“But a bunch of usual topics also remain important, such as: new mobility solutions, in-vehicle automation and digitalisation; all of which have an impact on the Remarketing value chain.”

“A few particularly interesting developments: OEMs developing Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programmes on an international scale; increased transparency of the Used-Car (UC) offer via digitalisation; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other new technologies revolutionising appraisal of repairs; new solutions increasing the efficiency of cross-border logistics; and lease companies and OEMs getting into the B2C market.”

How is IWS dealing with these trends?
“Both the investors in our company – Car Care Plan and CarGarantie – support our presence at an international level for large dealer groups, leasing companies or OEMs. Meanwhile, our field forces also ensure we have a local presence at over 38,000 dealers in Europe – including the UK.”

“In order to secure their business, both Car Care Plan and CarGarantie are very active in regularly adapting their products and processes to adjust to the quickly evolving business environment.”

Why do you feel it is important to have a dedicated Remarketing Forum at the Fleet Europe Summit?
“On average, there are three times as many used cars sold in Europe each year as new ones. No one in the industry can ignore that business potential, not just in terms of vehicle sales, but also for service, parts, repair, insurance, warranty extensions, etcetera. It’s not just a matter of identifying opportunities, but also finding the right partners to develop the potential of vehicle Remarketing. And that’s where the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum presents a unique opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and meet potential partners for vehicle Remarketing in a European context.”

What’s your message to Remarketing industry professionals who haven’t yet registered for the event?
“If you’re not there, you’ll be missing out on high-quality information that only a specialised event of this size can generate!”

Final question: What would you like this year’s candidates for the Car Remarketing Award to focus on?
“Now in its third year, I’m sure the Car Remarketing Award will again attract some very interesting and professional projects. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of innovative business models, solutions and projects. After crowning SGS and BCA, we’re looking forward to rewarding yet another outstanding winner with Europe-wide potential.”

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Authored by: Steven Schoefs