31 Oct 22

“Remarketing Forum is a great opportunity” 

As per annual tradition, the Remarketing Forum will be held on the first day of the Fleet Europe Summit – which this year takes place on 16 and 17 November in Dublin. Why should you attend the Remarketing Forum? We asked Erwan Coutelette (pictured), Global Sales Manager at DEKRA, one of the event’s sponsors. 

Check out the programme for the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum and register to attend.

Why is the Remarketing Forum important for you?

“DEKRA is a leading global service provider with more than 30 years’ experience in managing the entire remarketing process, from defleeting the vehicle to reselling it. At the Remarketing Forum in Dublin, we’ll meet with a variety of actors from the remarketing industry. This is a great opportunity for us to exchange information with experts, meet our current customers, and talk to future ones.”

The Remarketing Forum focuses on the three trends disrupting the industry today: Electrification, Distribution and Digitisation. In your opinion, how can remarketers make the most of these trends?

“Those trends are definitely creating new challenges. DEKRA has already developed several solutions to support remarketers in these fields. Take for example the need to determine the state of health of an EV battery – a need which will certainly grow over the next few years: DEKRA proposes a fast battery test for used EVs, which provides transparence on battery health. That is of course key for the performance – and the value – of used EVs.”

“Talking about EVs, DEKRA also offers digital training on how to operate, check, sell, tow, repair and maintain this type of vehicles. And finally, all services offered by DEKRA when it comes to EV supply equipment will become even more important in order to ensure safety. This is part of DEKRA’s Vision 2025: We want to be the global partner for a safe, secure and sustainable world.”

What will attendees learn at the Remarketing Forum? In other words: why should they attend?

“Just take a look at the programme. You’ll find it’s a good combination of expert talks and opportunities for networking. In my opinion, the Remarketing Forum is a great opportunity to discuss relevant topics, to learn from others, and to share best practices.”

Finally, can you tell us a bit about your own upcoming contribution to the Remarketing Forum?

“I have 15 years’ experience in the remarketing area, working at DEKRA for a variety of manufacturers and rental companies. I’ll be more than happy to exchange knowledge and information with the other participants, to help them with their current projects and upcoming challenges!" 

If you haven’t registered yet for the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum, you can do so here.

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Image : DEKRA

Authored by: Frank Jacobs