5 Mar 19

ADESA launches live digital auction in U.S.

ADESA has launched VirtuaLane auctions, a live, in-lane auction virtual marketplace for customers at its physical auctions. VirtuaLane is available at 20 of ADESA's 75 auction locations in North America. 

Dealer customers attending a VirtuaLane sales will participate in the same bidding process as in traditional in-lane auctions, but instead of physical cars driving through the auction lanes, big-screen monitors will show the vehicle and its features during bidding. 

Customers can also view the vehicles in-person before bidding begins. The vehicles will be parked at the ADESA auction location. 

“We wanted to ensure customers are getting the full physical auction experience, while substantially reducing the risk of potential accidents associated with cars driving through the auction lanes”, Vehicle Remarketing quotes Mike Caggiano, U.S. Eastern Region executive VP for ADESA. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs