28 Apr 20

Macadam France facilitates inspections during and after lockdown

Vehicle inspection specialist Macadam France is offering its customers tools to facilitate both the delivery of new vehicles and the return of end-of-lease vehicles during the period of 'le confinement' (i.e. the French lockdown). 

Specifically, customers can produce a vehicle status report in just three minutes with their smartphone, pending a final report. This app allows customers:

  • During confinement: to draw up a report on a stationary vehicle, whatever its location. 
  • After confinement: to carry out a pre-return check pending the final inspection by Macadam, in order to speed up the delivery of the new vehicle.

The app produces a timestamped, geolocated and non-editable PDF that provides proof of identity of the vehicle, mileage data, images of its general condition and the digital signature of one or more interested parties (leaseholder, dealer, logistics partner). 

European vehicle inspections specialist Macadam has been present in France since 2006. In 2019, the company and its various subsidiaries carried out more than 550,000 vehicle inspections in Europe, including more than 240,000 in France.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs