31 Aug 20

ADESA strikes two strategic deals in Europe

Remarketing specialist ADESA Europe has struck two strategic deals with Sixt Leasing and Mobility Concept, both based in Germany. The collaborations are designed to connect ADESA’s broad buyer base to both companies’ remarketing offer, via an increasingly responsive auction process – with additional services. 

In collaboration with Sixt Leasing, ADESA Europe has begun offering digital auctions in an aggregated bidding process. The auctions accept bids in real time, both on the Sixt Leasing and the ADESA auction platforms.  

Expanded collaboration
Thanks to the expanded collaboration, ADESA can invite buyers from more than 50 countries to participate in Sixt Leasing’s auctions of remarketed vehicles. And with marked effect: “In the first rounds, significantly more Sixt Leasing vehicles were offered and sold by ADESA than previously,” according to Andreas Birgmann, Executive Manager of Remarketing at Sixt Leasing. “This new agreement is set to vastly expand our buyer portfolio.”

In order to meet the needs of these buyers, Sixt Leasing anticipates auctioning three to five batches of vehicles every week. “This has already proven to be a success for us, for ADESA and for buyers,” says Birgmann.

Technical integration
Mobility Concept is one of Germany’s largest independent fleet and vehicle financiers. Following a recent technical integration with the company, ADESA can now offer auctions with an aggregated bidding process. This allows buyers to exchange bids in real time, on both the Mobility Concept and ADESA auction platforms.

As with the Sixt Leasing collaboration, this one enables ADESA to activate its base of buyers from more than 50 countries to participate in Mobility Concept’s remarketing auctions. Considering that large base, Mobility Concept also expects to be auctioning three to five batches of vehicles per week through ADESA. 

Customer requirements
Whether with Sixt Leasing or Mobility Concept, auctioning is just one of many customer requirements, and ADESA Europe is ready to offer those extra services. “ADESA takes responsibility for vehicle descriptions, quality control and vehicle valuation, as well as all the paperwork needed for exporting,” says Johan Meyssen, CEO of ADESA Europe. “Additionally, we offer services relating to payments, inspections, transport and logistics across Europe, backed by customer service in numerous languages.”

The collaboration between ADESA and Mobility Concept started back in 2019. The aggregated auctions project “enables us to concentrate on our main business and on our customers, while ADESA takes care of the buyers and their needs,” says Christian Fröhlich, Remarketing Manager at Mobility Concept. “It’s a real win-win situation.”


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Image: ADESA Europe

Authored by: Frank Jacobs