31 Oct 22

CarNext ceases activities in Netherlands

CarNext ceases activities in Netherlands

Used-vehicle specialist CarNext is ceasing its activities in the Netherlands, reports local trade magazine Automotive Management

CarNext Netherlands is halting its B2C activities. Previously it had been announced that the company’s B2B activities would be taken over by its sister company BCA.

Automotive Management confirms it has the news from various sources connected to CarNext, but the company itself did not want to respond.

It’s not the first recent cutback for CarNext. In September, we reported that the company was ceasing its B2C activities in Germany and Norway. 

Around that time, the option of buying a company online from CarNext Netherlands was scrapped. The company also operates three physical retail stores in the country (in Breukelen, Moordrecht and Zwolle). It is unclear what will happen to these locations and to the employees of CarNext Netherlands. 

Apparently, CarNext will continue its retail activities in Spain and Portugal. 

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs