16 Apr 19

Macadam takes over Carcollect inspections

Starting this week, The Dutch subsidiary of vehicle inspection specialist Macadam is taking over the vehicle inspection activities of vehicle trading platform Carcollect in the Netherlands. 

Launched in 2010, Carcollect offers online vehicle trading platforms to dealer groups, lease providers and other automotive companies. As time went by, Carcollect developed its own vehicle inspection activities, but the company now wants to refocus its attention on its core business. 

Hence the deal with Macadam Netherlands. Both companies will continue to operate separately from each other. However, Carcollect's three inspectors will be making the switch and will continue their jobs under the Macadam banner. 

Macadam has operations in 12 European countries, Carcollect is active in six. Taking over Carcollect's inspection business means Macadam will be achieving its target for this year, i.e. 100,000 vehicle inspections. The company did not reveal how many inspections per annum it is currently conducting.


Authored by: Frank Jacobs