26 Jun 19

Wikifleet entry on Spain updated with the latest!

Are your a fleet manager with an international brief that also covers Spain? Then you're in luck: our Wikifleet entry on Spain has just been updated! Here is just a brief peek at what's new. 

Spain (pictured: Madrid by night) was hit harder than most countries by the economic crisis that started in 2008. But the Iberian giant has been making up for lost terrain over the last couple of years, with faster growth than in the rest of Europe. 

Rightly, Spain is part of Europe's exclusive club of Big Five economies – but its economic, automotive and fleet and mobility landscape is perhaps less well known than that of the Big Three (Germany, France and the UK). 

Wikifleet is here to remedy that. As the name suggests, this collaborative tool gathers all relevant information on the fleet and mobility business into a dynamic encyclopedia of knowledge. Here are a few nuggets from the recently updated entry on Spain:

  • Spain is the second-largest automotive manufacturing country in Europe, after Germany. 
  • The Seat Leon is the country's most popular car model – both in 2018 and in the first five months of this year – and both on the private and the corporate market. 
  • However, singling out full-service leasing, the #1 car in Spain is the Nissan Qashqai. 
  • Spain's market for used cars and LCVs numbered 2.2 million transactions last year, a 9.2% increase versus 2017.
  • 18% of all new vehicle registrations  in Spain are for full-service leasing by corporate fleets.
  • In 2018, the sale of petrol cars surged to 57.5% of the total market, for the first time in many years outperforming diesels (35.8%).
  • Low-emission zones (ZBEs) in Madrid and Barcelona are having a positive effect on pollution, and the rules governing access to their city centres are being made even tougher. 
  • Madrid is called the 'European capital of e-scooters'.

For much more, go to the Wikifleet entry on Spain itself. 

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs