12 Apr 18

Driver behaviour monitoring on a Smartphone

The Floow Limited, a telematics provider with offices in Detroit and the UK, has launched a platform aimed at commercial fleets. It uses a driver’s mobile or cellphone as the sensor to monitor driver behaviour and offers a quick and easy way to adopt telematics. But is the technology alone enough to guarantee success?

Insurers need to make informed underwriting decisions, that’s their business. Until recently this was based on non-specific, demographic data.

Black box telematics insurance

Telematics insurance, with its “black box” recording devices (installed in the vehicle) has since enabled individual driving behaviour to be monitored. The black box records events such as severe breaking, harsh acceleration, aggressive cornering, swerving, speeding, time of day and so on. It’s now widely used but for fleets there’s the cost and inconvenience of having devices installed.

A device-agnostic app that can do the same thing on a cellphone could be an attractive alternative.

Smarter fleet driver monitoring

FloowDrive enables insurance companies, fleet operators and manufacturers to collect data about driver behaviour. It delivers a safety score based on smooth driving, distraction, speed, fatigue and time of day and provides in-app coaching.

Telematics technology is beneficial for fleet operators but early telematics technologies were proprietary and expensive. Solutions like FloowDrive are making it easier and more affordable to deploy telematics solutions and quickly see the benefits.

But technology is only one element. To avoid the “spy-in-the-cab” scenario, where drivers feel they are being unfairly watched, fleet managers must incentivise buy-in and engagement, plus comply with data protection laws (new GDPR data protection rules are being introduced in Europe at the end of May 2018).

Authored by: Alison Pittaway