14 May 19

xooox, Between taxi and ride hailing in the UK

What is more flexible than taxis and ride hailing? A ridehailing app for taxis, like the one xooox launched in the entire UK. 

Rider flexibility

The new ridehailing app for taxis gives both drivers and riders increased flexibility compared to the traditional taxi and ridehailing system. Xooox allows riders to choose a taxi not only based on the nearest location, but also on the proposed fare, the estimated time of arrival, the vehicle size, boot space and even vehicle emissions.

In addition, the app has a wider geographical coverage than other taxi apps and should become a one-stop shop for passengers across the entire UK. 

Driver flexibility

Drivers will have increased flexibility as well, since they are free to set their own fares within the boundaries of the municipality’s fare – compared to the classic ride hailing model where the app sets the fare. Although they have to take the minimum fare of the municipality they operate in into account, the UK’s licenced drivers can use the app without having to pay commission charges to xooox. 

At the same time they can choose who they want to pick up, as they can see all passengers searching for rides on the map, rather than having the app chosing for them – as in classic ride hailing models.

Regulation rigidity

In addition, local authorities among other taxi regulators will have free access to a real-time map of the vehicles to check whether they are properly licensed to operate in specific jurisdictions. 

Riders can do their part of the job as well by reporting a driver to authorities with the in-app button. 

The launch of xooox comes at a critical point in the ridehailing market when big ridehailing companies Uber and Lyft filed their IPOs - followed by crashing rather than high-valued shares - while their drivers took the streets, without passengers but to protest against the practices of the big companies. Xooox on the other hand, puts driver treatment high at the agenda. 

These are interesting times for ridehailing and taxi companies in the UK, and beyond. The model of xooox can maybe bridge the gap between the old and the new mobility, setting an example for the entire taxi business. 


Authored by: Fien Van den steen