22 Apr 22

World Earth Day fleet and mobility news

We bring you a round up of World Earth Day news from some key industry players.

Rest assured we will be watching closely, following up and holding them to account to ensure they’re not just paying lip service to environmental responsibility.

Samsara endorses its commitment to environmental responsibility

Publishes inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance report

Samsara, pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, today announced its inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report titled “Building a Safer and More Sustainable World.”

Highlights of the report include transforming customer operations. In the last fiscal year, approximately 240 million cumulative hybrid and electric miles were logged on Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud. Samsara has also committed to longterm carbon neutrality and sustainable operations and a net-zero carbon footprint by 2040.

Samsara’s employee resource groups empower diverse communities and provide a venue to develop new ideas with unique perspectives. The company also structures its Board of Directors and supporting committees to ensure ethical decision making and clear accountability.

Neuron reveals why people are turning to the eScooter

Neuron Mobility has been speaking to riders across the UK to discover more about how they are using e-scooters instead of the car. Since launch, the company’s e-scooters have travelled close to a million miles, preventing 89 tonnes of carbon dioxide being released. 

According to data, over (35%) of all trips in the UK replaced a car journey. Riders have been saying the main reasons they use eScooters include: more convenient than buses, an antidote to rising fuel costs, less frustrating than having to find a parking space, quicker than traveling by public transport or car and great value for money.

George Symes, Head of Public Policy at Neuron Mobility said: “Sustainability and safety are at the heart of everything Neuron does and as we celebrate Earth Day it’s encouraging to hear the difference that e-scooters are making in enabling people to make more sustainable choices in their travel.”

Bridgestone tyre helps Mercedes EQXX reach 1000km

Tyre maker Bridgestone has today announced it has developed a new, custom and highly efficient tyre for the Mercedes Benz VISION EQXX. The two companies together have succeeded in extending the range of this futuristic EV to 1000 km on a single charge.

Bridgestone has developed a custom Turanza Eco tire for the vehicle. Lightweight ENLITEN technology has been used to reduce rolling resistance and tire weight by 20 percent. Bridgestone's Ologic technology has also been instrumental in increasing battery life.

In collaboration with the Mercedes-Benz aerodynamic department, the tire has also been given optimized sidewalls and a bead zone. These are matched to the hoods of the 20-inch forged magnesium wheels. All this has greatly improved the aerodynamics.

And finally…..

Athlon has published its CSR report: Athlon Sustainability & CSR Report 2021.

Christian Schüler, CEO of Athlon said: “I strongly believe green and flexible fleets are the future, with electrification as a top priority. We set ourselves the ambitious target to grow our fleet’s share of electric cars and vans to 50% by 2025.

As we shape sustainable mobility, Athlon is part of a bigger picture: a shift towards a sustainable world. Our 5-Step Mobility Plan helps everyone taking sustainable mobility decisions. At Athlon, we walk the talk and offer environment-friendly mobility solutions to our customers and colleagues that fit their lifestyle.”

Images: main image courtesy of EarthDay.org. eScooter image courtesy of Neuron Mobility. Car image courtesy of Bridgestone/Mercedes Benz. Bottom image of Christian Schüler, CEO of Athlon courtesy of Athlon

Authored by: Alison Pittaway