23 Apr 20

Tim Albertsen (ALD) kicks off '10 minutes with Fleet Europe'

'10 Minutes with Fleet Europe' is a new video podcast series in which we interview industry leaders, thought leaders and fleet and mobility experts from the comfort of their own home. Our first guest is Tim Albertsen, newly appointed as CEO of ALD Automotive. 

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The corona crisis has most of us working from home. One of the unexpected advantages: the domestic setting provides a pleasant, homely backdrop for your business videocalls. And that gave us an idea. 

Home setting

Face-to-face meetings have been replaced by video calls – a format we're all familiar and comfortable with by now. A format that fits perfectly with the digitisation trend and that responds to the needs of our audience to grasp information in a dynamic way.

So, why don't we turn that format into a series of conversations with fleet and mobility industry leaders, and share the benefit of their experience and insights with the fleet and mobility community? All this in an informal setting, between our home office and theirs.  

Watch the first episode

Discover now the first “10 Minutes with Tim Albertsen”, the new CEO of ALD Automotive. 
-    How does Tim Albertsen and the ALD team stay operational in times of COVID-19? 
-    Will COVID-19 have a bigger impact on our industry than the financial crisis in 2008?
-    Will we experience a break on the development of MaaS and fleet electrification?
-    And what is the reasoning behind ALD’s expansion plan into APAC?

Watch the video on top of this article! And stay tuned for more episodes soon!

If you have a suggestion for an industry leader we need to meet with, let us know

Authored by: Steven Schoefs