9 Mar 23

Safety management specialist Gribb becomes part of Nationale-Nederlanden

Safety management specialist Gribb becomes part of Nationale-Nederlanden

Gribb, an innovative driver behaviour management system provider based in Utrecht (the Netherlands), becomes part of Nationale-Nederlanden, the largest insurance company in the Netherlands.

Nationale-Nederlanden acquired Gribb’s parent company, RoadsafetyLAB, opening the doors for the innovative safety company to move faster with new propositions and accelerate the development of its current range of services. 

Gribb is a data-driven safety and damage prevention solution for any fleet, gathering and harvesting data from taxis to trucks to provide insights to eliminate accidents and increase driver performance. Through seamless data gathering without in-vehicle hardware and enriching the data on Gribb portal&app, fleet managers get precise and crucial results about their drivers’ performance and take necessary actions. 

Results are remarkable, as Gribb notes that 30% of all fleet costs are related to driver behaviour on the road. Accidents and damages go down, road safety increases, and maintenance and insurance costs drop. The Gribb portal also empowers fleets to improve their operations by reporting and analyzing all parameters, including weather conditions and road types. 

Combining technology, human behaviour, data, and road safety marketing has proved so successful that Gribb appeared in the top 100 tech companies chosen by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) in 2022. 

Gribb will continue its operations independently from its headquarters, under its own identity and offering direct customer service. Han Arts, CCO of The RoadsafetyLAB, underlined the importance of the strategic partnership to move forward: “This acquisition offers us continuity for the future and enables us to further realize the ambitions we have, both nationally and internationally. We are, therefore, very pleased with the trust in our organization and the intensification of our collaboration with Nationale-Nederlanden. This is a milestone for us. Nationale-Nederlanden is strategically a very important partner in the further development of data-driven insurance solutions."

The main photo shows Han Arts, CCO of The RoadsafetyLAB, courtesy of Gribb.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen