7 Feb 22

Superpedestrian launches AI-based e-scooter safety tool

When Pedestrian Defense, an e-scooter safety tool developed by Superpedestrian, detects dangerous driving, it can shut down the vehicle in real time. 

U.S.-based Superpedestrian launched its LINK scooter (pictured) in 2020, claiming they are the “Volvo of e-scooters”, because of the safety features already included. Thanks to Pedestrian Defense, they will now get even safer. 

Following extensive testing over the past few months, the tool will be integrated into Superpedestrian’s fleets of LINK e-scooters in 2022 – in first instance 25 of its 57 locations across North America and Europe. 

Superpedestrian claims its AI-based tool surpasses all other safety platforms, in three crucial ways:

  • Precise vehicle positioning, even in so-called “urban canyons”.
  • More types of unsafe driving detected, including on sidewalks, doing stunts, swerving aggressively, or “salmoning” (i.e. driving against traffic).
  • Automatic intervention to slow or stop a scooter in real time when unsafe driving is detected. 

The company is able to implement the tool thanks to recently securing $125 million in capital, its largest funding round ever. Pedestrian Defense uses AI-based software to interpret data collected by various sensors built into the scooter.

Image: Superpedestrian

Authored by: Frank Jacobs