2 Jul 21

Volvo to use real-time data to improve autonomous driving software

For its next generation of cars, Volvo is looking towards processing data from customer cars in real time, if customers choose to share data and help Volvo make its cars safer.

The move is instrumental in developing autonomous driving capabilities by Zenseact, Volvo’s autonomous driving software arm.

By allowing customers to choose and be a part of improving safety levels and traffic safety in this way, Volvo can make continuous and much faster improvements to its cars, constantly improving safety levels. This data would include continuous inputs on the car’s environment from sensors like the high-resolution LiDAR.

“Safety is part of our heritage and the backbone of our company, but software is a crucial part of our modern-day DNA,” said Mats Moberg, head of R&D at Volvo Cars. “So while we continue to build on the 50-year expertise of the industry-leading Volvo Cars Accident Research Team, we can now also leverage AI as a new, virtual accident research team.”

Photo copyright: Volvo Cars

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck