5 Oct 22

25 Years!

Fleet Europe is 25 years old. That’s 25 years of expertise and sharing, a quarter century of exceptional encounters, developments and passions. A personal as well as a professional adventure.

"The first issue of this magazine – in 6 languages – was a leap into the future. With the support of our loyal partners, we anticipated the internationalisation of our industry across Europe. From the start, Fleet Europe has been a trendsetter and leader. We’re proud to see that we still are. Besides the magazine, we’ve expanded into digital solutions, trainings with IFMI, the Fleet Europe Awards and of course the Fleet Europe Summit."

"And we broadened our focus from Europe to the rest of the world, with Global Fleet, Fleet LatAm and Fleet APAC. Meanwhile, the Fleet ecosystem has evolved: corporate mobility, new technologies, telematics, electrification, financing formulas, and more."

"The next 25 years promise to be exciting, as Fleet Europe is at the heart of a rapidly changing industry. That change requires major international mobility and technology companies, manufacturers and rental companies to communicate and convince. We occupy that strategic position. In addition, new players are disrupting this market and challenging these large international companies. They will also need Nexus Communication to reach their audience."

"And foremost, our buyer community has more and more responsibilities: cost, sustainability and safety, to name but a few. Fleet Europe will be there to support them in each of those areas.  On our websites, in our next Magazine, and during the Fleet Europe Summit in Dublin, our team and experts will try to imagine the future of the industry."

"Thank you to all those who have contributed to the success of Fleet Europe; thank you to our teams, thank you to all our partners who have trusted us. Without them, this adventure would not have been possible."

"We look forward to seeing you at the Fleet Europe Summit 2022 in Dublin on 16 and 17 November!"

On behalf of the Nexus Communication team,

Thierry Degives & Caroline Thonnon

Founders & CEO’s Nexus Communication