4 Oct 17

Benchmark your fleet safety record

A two-minute benchmarking survey could help fleets dramatically improve their safety performance and drive down the costs associated with accidents.

LeasePlan UK has launched the new fleet benchmarking tool that will enable businesses to measure and analyse their performance in three key areas of risk management; accident management, end of contract damage and mechanical vehicle off road time.

The tool is available to all fleets, not just LeasePlan customers, and takes just two minutes to complete.  It allows fleets to benchmark their own performance against LeasePlan UK’s vehicle fleet.

Stuart Houlston, commercial director at LeasePlan UK, said the company was inviting customers to challenge themselves and LeasePlan to be the best through benchmarking.

“It’s a tool to get people thinking about what they might want to improve on next,” he said. “Providing insights to our clients to drive their decisions is what we’re all about.”

He added that the benchmarking results will provide a foundation for fleets to build a robust risk and safety policy.

Initial results, for example, reveal that the average off-road time for a vehicle involved in an accident is 9.6 days, and that the highest accident rate is suffered by fleets involved in the transportation sector.

By measuring current performance and identifying how to overcome any shortcomings, LeasePlan says fleets can reduce vehicle downtime, saving both time and money.

The leasing company, the second largest in the UK, says it is vital for fleets to ingrain a risk strategy into everyday operations, including daily vehicle checks. It adds that identifying any mechanical faults early allows for planned maintenance and can help to reduce end of contract wear and tear charges.

LeasePlan also urges companies to look beyond their company cars and vans and include ‘grey fleet’ vehicles – privately owned by staff but driven for work journeys – to be included in any risk management strategy.

Find out more at benchmarkyourfleet.co.uk

Authored by: Jonathan Manning