27 Jul 22

How to make sustainability work for your fleet? Find out at the Fleet Europe Summit 2022

It’s a game you may have played as a kid: repeat a word often enough, and it loses its meaning. Let’s not let that happen to ‘sustainability’. The stakes are too high – for the planet and for your fleet. Come to this year’s Fleet Europe Summit to find out how to turn sustainability from a buzzword into a game-changer.

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The over-arching theme for the Summit, on 16 and 17 November in Dublin, is: ‘Sustainable Fleet Management, for People, Planet and Profit’. Because sustainability works best when it benefits all stakeholders.  

Apart from the many side events and networking opportunities, the focus of the Summit will be the four main sessions of the Fleet Europe Conference on 17 November, each one focused on the X of ‘experience’. Here’s what they’ll be all about.

Boosting User X

Thanks to megatrends like digitisation, usership and shared mobility, mobility user requirements are more sophisticated than ever. In other words: sustainability needs to be user-friendly, or it won’t work. So, how do you deliver user-friendly experiences? And how do you spread them as widely as possible?

Leveraging Sustainability X

Sustainability is a major component of CSR and ESG strategies, and a large part of those green ambitions have to be shouldered by fleet and mobility managers. But how to you tackle the EV challenge? How do you measure success in sustainability? And is there an upper limit to how green you can go? 

Embedding Safety X

Safety first! It’s a rule that matters more in mobility than almost anywhere else. Safe transport benefits employees, employers, the economy and society as a whole. Yet safety often is an afterthought. So, how do you make safety count? And how do you move it up the priority ladder? 

MaXimising Business Continuity

Corporate fleets are hugely important in ensuring operational continuity for their companies. In a market increasingly rife with disruptions, that’s easier said than done. How do you mitigate today’s risks to fleet and mobility continuity? And how do you prepare for tomorrow’s challenges?

Each of these topics will be treated in expert presentations, thought leadership talks, panel discussions, Q&A sessions with the audience. If knowledge is power, then the Fleet Europe Summit will provide you with the strength you need to face the changes and challenges that these volatile times throw at corporate fleets!

For more on the Fleet Europe Summit 2022 and to register, click here.

Image: Fleet Europe

Authored by: Frank Jacobs