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7 Sep 21

Look out for these 10 safety highlights from the IAA 

Next to new cars and mobility solutions innovative technology is taking centre stage at the IAA Mobility in Münich. We select 10 highlights that will make our transportation needs safer in fast-evolving times.

1. BOSCH Camera with AI

Bosch introduces artificial intelligence methods (AI) to its multi-purpose camera that scans the surroundings of vehicles. The AI makes it possible to interpret what the camera sees. As such it can recognize other road users in a much more reliable fashion. 

2. BOSCH Help Connect

Help Connect is a digitally connected emergency call system. A smart crash algorithm is added to the acceleration sensors of the stability control system. This automatically detects accidents. A smartphone app transmits information about the accident scene and the rider to a service center, and from there to the emergency services.

3. Skoda Wrong-way driver warning

Skoda confirmed that all their models will be equipped with the Traffication app. Reading the car’s GPS data this app knows when the driver is entering or exiting a motorway, alerting the driver when taking the wrong-way. Oncoming road-users who have the app are also warned. 

4. Mobis Augmented Reality Head-up Display

Mobis is Hyundai’s technology arm. Based on hologram technology the company showcased an intelligent head-up display that projects intuïtive driving informations, preventing wrong manoeuvres. Essentially, it turns the windshield into an immersive display screen.

5. BMW iX with 5G

The iX, BMW’s all-electric cross-over, is the first production vehicle to incorporate 5G connectivity, together with Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom. The high bandwith and low latency of this technology makes ultra-fast communication possible with the surrounding traffic. 

6. Riese & Müller Monocoque for bikes

Responding to the trend of cargo bikes for urban deliveries Riese & Müller brings the Packster 70. Inspired by the car industry this German premium brand has upgraded the frame to a monocoque construction, making this bike a lot stiffer and safer. The new platform paves the way for future models and options.

7. Continental Intelligent Airbag Control Unit

For an enhanced protective effect, especially in side crashes, the airbag from Continental is now triggered earlier and in a more controlled way thanks to a closer connection to the pre-crash sensors which scan the environment of the vehicle.

8. Volkswagen ID.Buzz for Moia

Already this year five fully automated versions of Volkswagens ID.Buzz are put to the test around the Münich area. As of 2025 Volkswagens wants to equip its ride-pooling subsidiary Moia with production versions of these prototypes.

9. Ioniq 5 Robotaxi Redundancy systems    

Similarly, this Ioniq 5 Robotaxi will be carrying passengers for ride-hailing firm Lyft. The driveline, brakes, steering and navigation are all supported by redundancy systems, eliminating the risk of malfunction or accidents.

10. Hyperloop Vacuüm travel

Reducing the time of long distance travel without any risk or hazard is at the minds of visionaries who want to build the Hyperloop capsule structure. This pneumatic tube system, once popular for the transportation of corporate documents in companies, is being investigated to catapult humans instead of goods in partial vacuüm.

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Inline images of vehicles, courtesy of the various providers.

Authored by: Bart Van Holderbeke