8 Jun 18

NewMotion expands into Norway, more countries to follow

NewMotion announced a new partnership with Arval, a move that opens the Norwegian market to what is already the largest European provider of smart charging solutions for electric vehicles.

With this expansion, NewMotion is now present in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Norway. Another four European countries are expected to be added in the second half of this year. Combined with an open roaming agreement, NewMotion customers now have access to over 70,000 EV charging points across 25 countries.

In order to support the ambitious expansion the company is undergoing, it has also appointed new members to the management team. Marit Eshuis is the new CFO, Claire Scott was made COO and Herman Keijsers interim CCO.

Sytse Zuidema, CEO, NewMotion, said: “This expansion aligns with our longer-term growth plans and demonstrates the huge investment we have already made towards creating innovative, customer-centric smart charging solutions. Electric driving is part of a much bigger revolution and Europe has started to transition to e-mobility."

He added: "NewMotion sees itself as a key player in this new EV landscape which comes with new ways of dealing with energy and mobility challenges. Changing consumer behaviour and attitudes is a long-term goal and NewMotion is here to make a positive difference.”

Image credit: NewMotion

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck