Spread the ideas, not the virus: Do not give up, innovate

Transport is facing a crisis. Because of COVID-19, many companies will have to consider cutting costs, their debts will grow and will even be forced to take even more radical measures. This is the situation now. On the other hand, it can be a time for reflection and innovation.

A time of crisis can (or should be) seen as an opportunity to think about the future. At this time, there is greater openness to thinking about the business model of the company, the model of cooperating with clients, the software used by the company. It is also time to look closely at your bills to check your expenses.

It is also a time of hope. Because after thinking all over, as mentioned above, creativity comes in. The well-known truth is that necessity is the mother of invention. In the face of crisis, companies are encouraged to meet new the reality through new solutions. Previously, logistics was not yet so open to change, but it is increasingly talking about technology as a solution. Old processes known to everyone in the industry can now be changed without resistance. What's more, there will be broad support because we all need it.

Last week, when the company faced a decline in orders, we gathered in a team to prepare an action plan based on various scenarios. Nobody knew what would happen in the coming weeks, but we were sure that we would have to make radical changes in our organisation. The meeting was very productive, and we prepared a fifty-point action plan. It was Thursday. On Friday, we implemented the essential elements of the plan. But I felt that the whole situation was a cumbersome burden for the entire team; I was looking for a solution that would give us more and more motivation.

On Sunday, during one of our teleconferences, we came up with the idea of new functionality to protect our customers and employees. I called my partners and friends from Dordrecht, who made our entire operating system and asked if they would make us functionality that was not seen on the market. They said - of course! Everything was ready on Monday morning.

What I was hoping, during all this work, the whole team was very involved and motivation appeared. I am sure that the reason is that doing is better than waiting for what will happen. When it also brings something new to the company, hope is even more significant. It gives a lot of energy and the conviction that we will overcome the crisis. Our 50 point plan is almost complete. Now we are preparing for the next one.

Author: Martyn Szczepankowski, Remowings

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